PHOTO OP V: Blushing Brides

deadline 5/28/06

Send photos and questions to:


The required submission format is:

SUBMISSION Information:

Your name:      Tonie Cook
Address:          P.O. Box 5186 - Akron, OH  44334
email address:
name of the entry: (this is the name of your creation)        "Cut The Cake"

Original doll: Vintage 1962-1966 Ideal Doll -- Tammy's Mother  "Mrs. Turner"
Pattern information:  Dress -- Modified Adaptation McCall's Crafts #8552, Dress "C" -- Custom Padded Ivory Satin Screen - No Pattern -- Custom Satin Table Cloth - No Pattern.
Rescue: yes
Reroot: no
Ensemble Removable: yes
Photos below

4- Small redress
5- Small redress / repaint
6- Small redress / enhanced

7- Other -  N/A
8- Diorama



1 - portrait




2 - full body front


3 - full body back

4 - any pose you think shows your doll off the best



5 - before picture ---- This is the actual doll used in my repaint.



6 - photo that shows the detail finishes -- if you want - not required.



Diorama required photos

1- Empty Scene




2- Details of the Scene



3- Dolls in the Scene

4- Dolls in the Scene - different angle



5-Close up of main character in the scene interacting with others in your scene