PHOTO OP VI: Strut Your Stuff - deadline 7/15/06
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The required submission format is:
SUBMISSION Information:
Your name:  Dolls By Altona (charlino)
Address:  P.O. Box 5186 - Akron, OH 4 4334
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name of the entry: (this is the name of your creation)

Surf Side Strut - Tammy Goes To The Beach

Category: select from list below: (list full information here)

 6- Small redress / enhanced and/or reroot 

Original doll:

 1962-1966 Ideal Tammy Doll - 12" Tall

Rescue: (yes or no) If YES - Provide some details

YES. This doll was a rescue.  This doll is also what I've nick-named the "Forest Gump" doll.  Remember that line about never knowing what you are going to get?  Well, I thought I was getting a dirty doll.  What I received was a knotty haired dirty doll with magic marker lips and ghoulish eyes.  A little elbow grease and paint went a long way with this doll.   

Reroot: (yes or no)
 NO Reroot -- Serious Hair Enhancement -- YES. 
Pattern information: Adaptation, Pattern, Sloper, No Pattern

NO PATTERN.  The beach hat, beaded beach jacket, beaded bikini, beaded skirt, beach bag and beaded sandals were all custom fitted to a Tammy sized doll with NO PATTERN.  (Tammy's toy poodle was hand made with NO pattern).


Send one doll per entry form. 
Only attach the photos for that doll - identify them also as back, front, portrait, before, pose, details.
Only the photos that I have requested.
The first 5 photographs are required - they are part of the judging process.
Solid color background for all of the first 4 photos.


1 - portrait



2 - full body front




3 - full body back




4 - any pose you think shows your doll off the best



5 - before picture ---- this can be of a doll similar to the one you are working on until PHOTO OP VII when it must be the doll you are working on if the entry is a repaint or enhancement.



If you want you, may add one more -- This can also use any background you wish.
6 - photo that shows the detail finishes of the outfit on the inside or outside; or shoes you have crafted for the outfit  -- if you want - not required.