PHOTO OP VI: Strut Your Stuff - extended deadline 8/20/06
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Your name:  Dolls By Altona (charlino)
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"The White Suit Strut"

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 #6- Small redress / enhanced and/or reroot 

Original doll:

 1962-1966 Ideal Posn' Tammy - 12" Tall

Rescue: (yes or no) If YES - Provide some details

YES. This doll was a serious rescue - and the "before" picture shown below is the actual doll entered in this contest.  Posn' Tammy's body came with a badly scarred Mary Make up head.  The spooky-looking Tammy head had been hidden in a box for the past five years.  No eyes, chipped lip paint, bad hair cut.  Finally got the nerve to do something about it,  and did my best to make this doll special. 

This Tammy is the first in a series of three rescue dolls that were inspired by  Women In Suits everywhere whose work day begins well before arriving at the office.


Reroot: (yes or no)
 NO Reroot -- Hair coiffed and styled to suit the look. 
Pattern information: Adaptation, Pattern, Sloper, No Pattern

Tammy's suit is an adaptation and combination of two vintage patterns. A professional suit was sewn for my 12" tall Posn' Tammy based on the fabrics and specs I provided. The materials used to make this outfit have been with me for more than 35 years. White linen suit and licorice colored satin blouse are completely lined in white. Tammy's dog was made without a pattern, and is truly one of a kind.


The first 5 photographs are required - they are part of the judging process.  
Solid color background for all of the first 4 photos.


5 - before picture ----  a repaint or enhancement.




1 - portrait




2 - full body front






3 - full body back






4 - any pose you think shows your doll off the best






If you want you, may add one more -- This can also use any background you wish.
6 - photo that shows the detail finishes of the outfit on the inside or outside; or shoes you have crafted for the outfit  -- if you want - not required.