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Honesty is my best policy:   Of all the dolls in the world, the Ideal Tammy is one of my favorites.  The Ideal Tammy is the  only type doll I choose to rescue and restore.   Below is a little bit of what I do. 


Standard OOAK Restoration for Blond Straight Leg Tammy:  Dirty Doll,  Bad Eyes and Bad Hair Cut  -- From the Artist's Private Collection

 Most of the dolls I've ran across have had head issues.  While I will do my best to repair or find a good head for a headless body, it is not my habit to swap doll limbs or swap heads.  It is my foremost desire to try to keep everything about the dolls as close to original as possible.

Standard OOAK Restoration for Blond Pos'n Tammy:  Dirty Doll,  Bad Eyes, Bad Hair, and  Head Issues  -- From the Artist's Private Collection

It is not my preference do OOAK (one of a kind) Tammy makeovers that include permanently changing the face paint or hair of perfectly good Tammy dolls. If a Tammy needs touch up, touch up is done in the most minimal way possible so as to restore original beauty and maintain the integrity of the doll.  No one makes an Ideal Tammy anymore, and good dolls are not that easy to find. 

Standard OOAK Restoration for Dark Blond Tammy:   The Ouija Queen of Halloween 2005  -- SOLD -- From the Artist's Private Collection

HOWEVER, in cases where the doll's face or hair is altered to the extent that its original look cannot be restored, the doll will become a OOAK (one of a kind) custom Tammy to save the doll from attic prison or  trash bin destruction. 


Standard OOAK Restoration for Rare Dark Brunette Tammy:   Extreme Case -  Cut Hair and Serious Permanent Facial Issues  -- SOLD - From the Artist's Private Collection

Tammy dolls are timeless in design.  Whenever I restore a Tammy, it is always my goal to make sure each doll is worthy of a second chance at being a toy for a small child's play or a work of art for a collector's display.  Regardless of what the "before" condition is, it is important to me that all my dolls are significantly improved long before the  "after" pictures are taken. 

Doll House Fashion with Custom Embellishments and Accessories  -- SOLD -- From the Artist's Private Collection

Whether the Tammy's new theme outfit contains vintage or custom made clothes and/or accessories, all items are hand picked and coordinated to  ensure the doll is properly attired for play or display.   Doll House Fashion, Elizabeth's Sewing Basket, and Ruth Schaefer Designs are some of  Tammy's best friends.


Custom Tammy Ensembles and Accessories


Custom Greetings

Pet Pals - All my pet pals are posable one of a kinds, made by hand without a pattern.


Custom Ensembles and Accessories


Miniature Paintings

ACEO Artist Trading Cards & Small Format Art (SFA)

Mrs. Turner examines her latest work of art. 

An oil abstract from the 1970s on water color paper adorns Mrs. Turner's wall.  This is one of my miniature paintings custom scaled for Tammy and fashion doll size dioramas, and I have many to share. (ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) size 2.5" x 3.5",  one of a kind (OOAK) works of art.).  Inquiries welcome.

Thank you for your interest.


Custom Packaging and Gift Wrapping

Custom tags, original Tammy story books and poetry, new art color book designs

Functional custom box designs for the little ones on display


Custom  Tammy travel and storage.


Looking for something special?  Inquiries Welcome.

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