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This page is devoted to my Tammy Friends, and dedicated to the curious and those who seek  unusual Tammy items auctioned or shown outside the U.S.. 

My first area of search is Japan.  I frequent the online Japanese auction markets and Tammy collector sites online as best I can.  I cannot read or speak Japanese, but there are many things I understand.  A picture often transcends all language barriers.  It is with this in mind that this information is shared.  

It is my hope that this page will helpful for the experts and collectors who are trying to draft a historical accounting of Tammy and her exclusive wardrobe.   I do not know anything about anyone selling their wares in Japan, nor is my research list in any way to be considered an endorsement of any auction or auction site.  This is part of my hobby, and my research is done for educational purposes only.  It is for this purpose only that my list is shared.

Please let me know what you think of this page, and my TammyFinds List.  It is my desire to include links to the work of Tammy's Friends who have things for sale on their websites.  Clothes, dolls, clones, etc. with this page.  If anyone has an online store or item they would like to feature for sale, please let me know and your link will be added to one of my pages.  I am always happy to help friends of Tammy. 

My Japanese Tammy Finds make it difficult to read for those who do not speak the language.  Now for the good news.  This little link may be helpful:  The Google Translator


Tammy Finds - Summer 2010

List #16 -- August 2010

Tammy & Blond Grown Up Tammy with Sorority Dress

Japanese Tammy Case Lot

Blond Tammy Case Lot with Round Stand

Two Dodies Wearing Pepper Dresses

Ideal Tammy with Box

Tammy's Friend - Gorgeous American Girl Barbie

Pepper With Box and Outfits

Scarlet With Stand and Original Box

Scarlet MIB Wearing Stewardess Uniform

Scarlet In Original Outfit With Box

Glamour Misty With Case, Tammy Clothes, Pamphlet, Curlers

Japanese Tammy Wearing Original Kimono

Long HairJapanese  Tammy With Kimono

Platinum Blond Tammy - Made In Japan

Japanese Tammy Wearing Japan Issued Dress

**Japan Issued Tammy Case With Japan Issue Outfit

Doll Lot Featuring Scarlet, Scarlet Sister

Japanese Tammy Wearing Silver Evening Ensemble

Hand Made Tammy Kimono


Scarlet Sister

Scarlet Sis - Beautiful

**Beautiful Pepper Japan Exclusive

Vintage Deluxe Dream Kitchen

Tammy/Misty Powder Puff

Tammy Walking The Dog Outfit ++

**Exclusive Japan Pepper Outfit

Scarlet With Lovely Outfit

**Tammy Exclusive Japan Dress

Japan Tammy

**Japan Tammy Wearing Japan Issued Dress

Scarlet's Sister



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