My Tammy Exhibition

Welcome to my exhibition.  Of all the fashion dolls made in the 1960s, the Ideal Tammy was definitely one of the best.  I still have my childhood Tammy, and still view the doll as a work of art.  I have yet to find two dolls that are exactly alike.  The Tammy pictures shown below are dolls that were rescued from attics, trash bins, yard sales, eBay, and various other places. 

I am a professional artist of many years, and my forte is visual communications.  From a fine oil painting to designing corporate logos, my experience has taken me a long way.  However, of all the work I've done, my Tammy Portfolio is one of which I am most proud.   May you and yours find joy in viewing my exhibit.



Custom Tammy Portraits

The Classic Pos'n Tammy

Tammy Is Sew Busy

One Of A Kind - Pink Pearl

This was a total make-over. Arrived at my door with a damaged head, bad hair cut, and bad makeup.

Tammy and Alice In Wonderland

Tammy In Blue

Pos'n Tammy - Angel #2

Tammy Loves To Cook

Tammy The Cut-Out Cutie

Tammy Goes Sight Seeing With Hush Puppy

This is a one of a kind Tammy in that the doll had a bad hair cut. I provided this doll with a vintage wig and Japanese hat and ensemble.

Tammy Loves To Garden

Tammy & Tags Pumpkin Fest

Tammy - The Halloween Ouija Queen

This is a ooak Tammy due to her past rendevous with a black pen. Her make up was redone to reflect a gothic, but glamourous effect.

Tammy Is Sew Cute

Lovely doll with OOAK kitty named "Stitch"

A Portrait of Tammy's Mom

Tammy and Pepper: The Sister Set

Ideal Tammy: The Portrait Doll Gift Set

Ideal Tammy - November Belle 2005

Ideal Tammy: December Belle In Blue 2005

Ideal Tammy - Merry Christmas 2005

Ideal Tammy - January Belle

Ideal Tammy: Valentine, Be Mine

Tammy Valentine Package 2006

Ideal Tammy: "Little Miss Demeanor"

Mardi Gras Photo Op Contest Winner - Two Categories - (1) Astonishing Rescue, (2) Cutest

Ideal Tammy: "The Lucky Lass"

St. Patricks Day 2006 - "Luck O The Irish" Photo Op Contest Winner (2) Enhanced Category and (2) Astonishing Rescue Category;

Ideal Tammy: Wash Day Blues

Ideal Tammy: Vintage and Violet

Ideal Tammy's Mom: "Mrs. Turner - Cut The Cake"

Blushing Brides Photo Op 2006 - Small Doll and Diarama Entries

Classic Portrait of Tammy and Berry

Ideal Tammy: "Surf Side Strut: Tammy Goes To The Beach"

Tammy's patternless outfit was made by Charlotte Sew Fine

Ideal Tammy: "The White Suit Strut" - #1

Tammy's suit tailored by Elizabeth's Sewing Basket



Custom Tammy Package:  Tags, Cards, Travel Box

Tammy In Blue

Pos'n Tammy - Angel #2

Tammy Loves To Cook

Ideal Tammy - The Cut-Out Cutie

OOAK - The Ouija Queen of Halloween

Tammy and Hush Puppy Go Sight Seeing

Tammy Loves To Garden

Tammy and Taggs Pumkin Fest

Tammy Is Sew Cute

Tammy Is Sew Busy

Ideal Tammy - Merry Christmas 2005

Idela Pos'n Tammy - Christmas Ensemble complete with tree, custom box, cards, and accessories.

Ideal Tammy - Happy New Year 2006

January Belle 2006 - Hat Box Princess

Ideal Tammy: Valentine Be Mine

Ideal Tammy: Wash Day Blues Diorama and Ensemble

Ideal Tammy: Mardi Gras 2006 - "Little Miss Demeanor"



Custom Tammy Accessories

OOAK Kitty, "Stitch" with Tammy Size Sewing Box

OOAK Dog - Taggs

Miniature OOAK Tammy Cut-Out Book

Garden Bench & Accessories

Custom Tammy Sized Ouija Board

Custom Purse, Sash, and Simple Net Wrap

Custom Tammy Christmas Tree

A Blue Dog For A Blue Belle

Custom Spring Veil

Tammy Loves To Cook

January Pink Belle "Pinky" Graphics based on OOAK Dog

Tammy Framed Portrait and Custom Dog

Custom Tammy Valentines and pet "Whitman"

Mardi Gras "Little Miss Demeanor" Reversible Mask with Removable Staff and Custom Jewelry

The Lucky Lass - Custom Color Me Tammy Cards, The Lucky Lass Book, Cards, Tags, etc.

Tammy Wash Day Blues Book

Ideal Tammy Wash Day Blues - Dog "MayTag"

"Mrs. Turner - Cut The Cake" Diorama - Custom Ivory Statin Screen, Ivory Satin Table Cloth, and Wedding Cake



Custom Tammy Ensembles


Ideal Tammy Loves Alice In Wonderland

Custom Tammy #1 - Cotton Candy

Tammy In Blue With A Blue Bird, Too!

Tammy Angel #2

Cut Out Cutie

Tammy Goes Sight Seeing With Hush Puppy

Tammy Loves Gardening

Ideal Tammy - Happy New Year with Tagged "Fur N Formal" Dress

Ideal Tammy: The November Belle

Ideal Tammy Pumpkin Fest

Crystal Embellished Doll House Fashion Dress, Scarf, and Bag.

Tammy Sew Cute

Tammy Sew Busy

Ideal Tammy: The Brunette Belle In Blue With A Blue Dog, Too

The Classic Tammy #2

Mod About Misty

January Belle - Pink Ice Princess With Pinkie - 2006

Tammy Cooks

Ideal Tammy: The Debutante

Ideal Tammy: Redeaux

Dream Date Dress with Modern Accessories

Ideal Tammy and Hush Puppy Sight Seeing Ensemble

Ideal Tammy: Happy New Year

Ideal Tammy Valentine Be Mine

Ideal Tammy Wash Day Blues - Outfit #1

Ideal Tammy Wash Day Blues - Outfit #2

Ideal Tammy The Lucky Lass

Ideal Tammy: Little Miss Demeanor - Mardi Gras 2006

Ouija Queen of Halloween


Ideal Tammy:  VikisFinds PhotoOp Contest Ingenue

The VikisFinds forum is a place where doll artists from around the world meet and share information about their craft.    The best part about this forum is that it was not restrictive to just one doll type.  The photo op contests are for dolls of all types and sizes.

It was my desire to do something special with my rescues that required extensive work.  The VikisFinds Forum hosts PhotoOp Contests for all types of dolls, and dolls are judged on various levels in different categories.  I never entered a doll contest before, but wondered how an old rescued Tammy doll would stand up against the newest, most exclusive Gene, Silkstone, Esme, Barbie, Tyler, Tonner, and other dolls on the market today dressed and/or customized by some of the finest artists in the world.   It is an honor that so far my Tammy rescues have received enough votes to either win or place in one or more categories entered.  (The results are not in for the "Strut Your Stuff" contest.).  I am both proud and humbled by this. 

PhotoOp2:  Mardi Gras Fantasy 2006 -- Ideal Tammy:  Little Miss Demeanor

PhotoOp3:  Luck O The Irish 2006 -- Ideal Tammy:  The Lucky Lass

PhotoOp5:  Blushing Brides 2006 (Doll) -- Ideal Tammy's Mother:  Mrs. Turner

PhotoOp7: Strut Your Stuff 2006 -- #1 - The White Suit Strut: Tammy Takes Manhattan

PhotoOp7:  Strut Your Stuff 2006 -- #2 - Surf Side Strut:  Tammy Goes To The Beach


All photographs and artwork herein are the sole and exclusive property of  2006 Dolls by Altona -- All Rights Reserved. 


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